Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something fun: Garfield Minus Garfield

As many of you know, there are several comics on the daily comics page that have outlived their usefulness and need to leave. Along with BC (the creator died, already), Peanuts reruns, Blondie and The Family Circus, Garfield is one such comic.

Garfield hits 30 years old this year (in June) and it has started to wear out its welcome, I think. My favorite part about the whole Garfield universe, in fact, is the Garfield & Friends TV show, and the best part of that was the characters other than Garfield (particularly the pig, the chicken and the walking egg).

Anyway, in either some sort of post-modern comic criticism or an effort to actually make Garfield's comic strip funny, someone has made a site of Garfield strips without Garfield. They make Jon Arbuckle look like an idiot and I love it!

Here's the site.

And here's a taste of what it shows:

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