Monday, March 10, 2008

The 100-mile Challenge

We recently got to hang out with our good friends Jeff and Ali, as well as another buddy, Brandon, who was visiting from Virginia. Ali and I talked about our desires to get back in the habit of running, but that it is kind of hard being that Jeff is always studying (it's his last semester of law school) and Crystal is pregnant, so neither of us really have an exercise partner handy.

While that sounds like an excuse, anyone who has ever tried to exercise by themselves knows how much nicer it is to have a partner.

We decided on a plan to get us both running more; we made it into a contest. We are calling it The 100-mile Challenge, and it is simple: the first person to run 100 miles as of March 10 wins. The winner gets to have the loser make them a dinner of their choice.

We have both posted our mileage on our blogs (although Ali's is not open to the public, so if you want to see how she is doing you can e-mail her and ask permission to be on her blog). I am also posting my weight, as I assume that running 100 miles is bound to make me weigh less.

Check back for updates, and if I'm not progressing as you think I should, let me know; I want to win!


justin said...

but mister jordan, your sidebar concerns me. are you trying to lose all 224 pounds? that might have severe consequences.

Ali said...

You should ask Jeff how devastated I was when I saw yesterday you had already ran 4 miles...I was so proud of my 3!! I'm thinking walking miles don't count (you know how Crystal mentioned??)...are we on the same page?? ...especially on the treadmill ;) You have no idea how good this is to get me started!