Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer is Coming!

I've been kind of bad about blogging and taking pictures to document what we are doing, so here is a hodgepodge from the month of May! Clara is growing so much and learning so many new things, and I need to be better about marking all those milestones, especially with a new baby due any day now! I am really going to have to be better if I am going to document both their lives! Anyways, here are some of the things we have been doing...

We went to a baseball game with David and Megan (and her mom, and Harry and Wyatt of course!) It was Dime-a-Dog night, so we all enjoyed a few hot dogs, some of us more than others. I had 2. David had 12. I think I lost. To each their own!

We have been enjoying corn on the cob. Clara got her own ear of corn for the first time, and DEVOURED it! She loves corn on the cob now!

We have been playing in the backyard and gardening. As I was watering the garden, Clara decided to pick a radish, so we ate it! Do you like Jordan's Dharma jumpsuit? We both have one. They were our Halloween costumes. It is now his yardwork jumpsuit. Doesn't he look so handy?

Clara learned to smile for the camera. Usually when I pull out the camera, Clara gets very distracted by it and wants to hold it and look at it. She wont smile. In fact, if she has been smiling, she promptly stops and gets a very solemn look on her face until I put the camera away. She is now starting to smile for the camera, and of course, it is her super cheesy scrunched up face smile!

Clara sings the Jeopardy song. Jordan LOVES Jeopardy. He wants to go on the show someday. In fact, he has taken the test a few times already. We watch the show fairly often. Clara LOVES to sing the song. She has done this for a long time, but because she gets so distracted whenever we pull out the camera, we have had a hard time capturing the moment. She didn't sing it as well as she normally does in this video, but you get the idea! She also loves to sing along to the Glee soundtrack. Don't Stop Believin' and Jump are her favorites. Maybe those will be the next songs we try and record her singing!
Clara is learning her animal sounds, and is saying a lot more words. This has probably been the most fun and rewarding thing for me to see. She has been so stubborn about talking. I know she can do it, but she has to do it on her own terms. Just in the past two weeks or so she has made a lot of progress! She used to think that all animals said the same thing. Now she is getting better and learning new ones! She also says things like Mommy, Baby, Uh-oh, hi, and bye very clearly. She says a lot of other things, they just aren't as clear! It seems like every day she makes more progress!

I couldn't decide which video I liked best, so you get both!