Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Goodness

We are safely in Utah for the holidays, and enjoying time with family, eating lots (too much, I'm sure) and visiting. It has been a blast to play with siblings, nieces and nephews, etc. and to drive around and feel at home here. It is weird that it feels so familiar and so foreign at the same time.

Anyway, while I was at the store with my mom picking up a cake for my brother Tanner's birthday (he wanted one with Disney's Aladdin on it -- pretty funny considering he's 14 now) and my eye caught a tantalizing new Christmas treat ... Sugar Cookie Eggnog!

I rushed home and had a (small) glass. Small is important, because it is 180 calories per half-cup, yowza! It is delicious; it tastes like liquid sugar cookie, not really like eggnog at all. I had another little drink later in the evening, and my dad was having some orange juice in the kitchen at the same time. I told him to try the eggnog, so he swallowed some orange juice and took a drink.
He swallowed and then set down the cup and didn't say anything for a second. I was worried the orange juice's residual taste had made the eggnog less-than-yummy, but instead, after the brief pause, Daddy smiled really big and said, "That is fabulous. Let me have another drink!"

I think we'll be getting some more of this stuff, it is magically delicious!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How I am Feeling

Due to the many requests to know how I am feeling, I decided to blog it, even though I don't really want to because it makes me feel like I am just complaining!

This pregnancy is DEFINITELY very different than my one with Clara. With Clara, I had a little bit of morning sickness and learned very quickly that even if I didn't want to eat, if I just ate a couple of crackers I would feel SO much better. That isn't really working this time. Anyone who knows me knows I DO NOT THROW UP. It takes a lot to get me to throw up. Sometimes I think my body doesn't know how to. So instead of just throwing up and feeling better, I just keep on feeling sick. And eating doesn't help.

My other problem, is that I am having a recurrence of some stomach problems I had about 6 years ago. Back then, whenever I would eat it would make me feel like I swallowed knives, or razor blades or something else that would be really stupid to swallow. I would curl up in a ball and just lay there until the feeling passed. Sometimes that would take 3-4 hours. I went to the doctor numerous times to try and figure out what was wrong, but he never did. A bunch of stuff was ruled out, but no one could tell me what it was or why it was happening, and eventually it got better. Over the past six years, I have occasionally had an episode of this weird sickness (maybe 3-4 times a year), but with this pregnancy, it has come back and I have been having episodes 2-5 times a week. Because of this, I just don't want to eat. I do because I know I need to, but sometimes I just end up laying down on the floor and not moving until Jordan finds me there and makes me get in bed. The past month and a half have been really hard, but Jordan has been AMAZING and has picked up all the slack that I have been leaving behind.

On the upside, I am starting to feel better. I just finished my first trimester so the morning sickness is wearing off, and I have had less episodes of the weird stomach thing the past week and a half. I am hoping that means it is going away! Also, I lost about 10 lbs in the first trimester, which should be helpful in the long run! All in all, the first trimester has been VERY hard on my body, but Jordan and Clara have been so patient with me and so understanding so it has made it so much easier. I am hoping the worst is over, but it is supposed to snow today, so I think I have a whole other set of problems coming my way!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009