Monday, March 24, 2008

End-of-game refereeing

On Saturday night, I watched the Texas A&M - UCLA game with several family members. We were disappointed (not for our brackets, but for our underdog-loving sensibilities) when A&M's last-second shot attempt didn't go anywhere but backward, then UCLA finished with a dunk.

Well, I found some pictures showing UCLA probably should've been whistled for a foul (from two guys) instead of getting the go-ahead dunk.

I agree that referees should be able to "let 'em play" at the end of games, but even on live television that one looked pretty egregious.

Tell me what you think?


Ruth said...

I think:
Looking at those muscles makes me think I'm in an anatomy class again.
I think:
Mr. Shipp is definitely fouling - I may not know tons about basketball but I'm pretty sure actually wrapping your fingers around someone else's arm is not just close to touching. As for Mr. Other Player - he may may not be touching - it looks like it, but that may be the angle. Not sure.
I think:
You haven't run in awhile. :( (oh, that reminds em, I also think you should post Ali's numbers since we can't get to them.)

Crystal said...

I think it should have been called since that was a blatant foul that could have changed the outcome of the game. If Texas has been down by 5 points then it wouldn't have mattered, but that one sure did!

Graham & Heather said...

There are so many degrees of fouls in the game from brushing up and pushing to holding. This is a hold and obviously interferes with the shot. Too bad, it would have been a great upset.

Map Maker said...

That is one of my big frustrations about watching basketball, how much bad calls affect the game. When I play with my friends at work and we call our own fouls, we rarely have much of a problem. I know when I've fouled someone and I know when someone has fouled me with pretty high accuracy.