Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Playful Clara

Clara is very playful and happy in the mornings and after her naps. She loves to play games, and right now, this is one of her favorites. She thinks peekaboo is so funny!

Grandma has buckets of toys for the grandkids to play with, and Clara is LOVING having new toys to play with. Can you see her new tooth?

Clara got to play with some cousins today. She and her cousin Sydney played very nicely together. When Sydney first came over to play, Clara handed her the toy she was playing with, then grabbed another one to play with. She is already learning to share (hopefully that will last!).

My cousins got their wisdom teeth out today. My dad and brother each did one, and they were pretty funny afterwards. They were out most of the day, and Clara thought they were a great jungle gym for her to climb over.

I found Clara by herself playing with all the toys, and I thought what she was doing was really funny:

I don't know how to turn the video, so I didn't even try, just turn your head side ways for a minute and it will be just fine! Clara and Sydney had so much fun playing together with Grandma and cooperated to play with this toy. It was so much fun to watch!


Jordan said...

Clara is being so grown up these days. Maybe I am an immature influence on her!

Jennifer said...

Cute! How old is she now?

Jordan said...

She'll be a year old in two weeks!

Ali said...

I've never heard her giggle before...and what a sweet one it is! Aw, I just want to play with her...and laugh, and kiss her little cheeks!