Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clara is One! Oh What Fun!

Clara's 1st birthday was yesterday, and oh what a day it was! Since we just got back on Wednesday (really Thursday, since it was so late!) we didn't do a party. We just had some family over for the fun and had dinner, presents and cake. I think the pictures and videos can do all the talking!

While I was finishing making dinner, Jordan took Clara outside for a little photo shoot. Here are a couple shots from it:
After the pictures, we had dinner. Fajitas! Yummy!
This mess is just a preview of Clara and her cake.
After dinner, we cleaned up and Harry decided to give Clara a birthday kiss (with a little coaxing!)
Then Clara got to open her presents!

My parents have a ton of Little People toys at their house and Clara LOVED playing with them, so we got her the farm for her birthday.
This is how Harry felt about Clara getting presents. In 3 weeks, Clara will get to feel the same way for Harry's birthday!
While trying to get all the Little People out of their packaging, the box was more fun for Clara and Harry.What if you could actually buy little people like that?
Once the presents were done, we moved onto the cake. I made a double layer cake, then cut out the middle for Clara's cake and frosted them both so there was her little cake and a doughnut cake for the rest of us.

Clara wasn't quite sure what was going on, but she was excited!
And then it was time to dig in! The video is a little long, but really funny. If you don't want to watch it all, please skip to the end, it is worth it! But really, the whole thing is great!

At one point, Clara started picking up the plate and licking it.
Then she wanted to share it.


Ali said...

Yeah!! Happy Birthday Clara! Wow, ONE year...she's a doll. I love her birthday outfit and the pictures you got! That cake looks amazing.

Seth and Peggy said...

Kallie watched the video twice. She loves Bir-day Take as much as Clara does.

Jani said...

Happy Birthday Clara. We're so glad that you're in the world with us. Give Mama and Daddy kisses, preferably with chocolate all over your face!

Wow. It went by fast, didn't it? When you're truly happy, that happens. And you two, you have it all.

Ashley said...

Hi Crystal, it's Ashley your old roomie! I just found your blog. Clara is such a cutie! I love the dress and matching headband she's wearing, and it's awesome that she got so messy with her cake. Those are great pictures!

Tanner said...

Who knew clara had such tight pecks

mtanner said...

So cute!! I am in love with her smile!!