Friday, June 12, 2009

More Fresno Fun

Clara has been having a great time with so many new toys at Grandma's house. And she always has a toy in her mouth.

Again, I don't know how to rotate video, and I forget when I am taking video, so just turn your head for a minute! This is Clara and my mom playing with a fabric ball my mom made. Clara is learning to throw the ball back.

This was just a cute video. She is always so interested in the camera, so it was funny how she kept trying to touch it. Then when she got the paper, and I asked her what she had, she showed me! I love seeing her do things like that and know that she is learning and understanding me.

Another sideways video. My parents have this huge, amazing lemon tree, and they never picked all the lemons back in January, so there were still tons on the tree that hadn't fallen off yet. We have been having fresh lemonade every day. Yum! While we had a few tall boys around (my cousins), we went out to pick all the lemons. My nephew, Tyler was having so much fun. One of the boys would lift him up so he could reach a lemon to pick, or if they were too high, he would point out which lemon to pick. Then my cousin started shaking the tree so they would fall out and he would run around under the tree to pick them all up. It was very cute!

Lemon picking spectators

Here is one of Tyler being the boss, pointing out which lemons to pick.
My parents also have TONS of boysenberry plants, and lucky me, they are on right now! Every day I have gone out and picked bowls full of berries. We have made pies, cobblers, jam, and a cheesecake with them.



watching the video of your mom play catch with Clara makes me miss seminary...just a little. And her fun personality and her homemade bread...

Clara's little chuckle is soooo cute!

Elisabeth said...

How do you handle the cuteness all day long? She's getting so big too!!!!

Natalie Sadler said...

A lemon tree AND a boysenberry bush? You lucky girl!!