Friday, June 5, 2009

Food and Fun and Food (and Crystal kisses an Indian)

For Clara (and, let's be honest, for her parents, as well) food and fun frequently go together. Today, after I spent my day doing research for my professor, Crystal and Clara came and picked me up and we drove to Krispy Kreme to celebrate National Doughnut Day (which has to be in the Top 20 holidays, easily - somewhere between Bacon Day and International Talk Like A Pirate Day.* We got a delicious dozen at Krispy Kreme and then headed to the nearby Scioto Park for some fun. We had several bites of about four of the delicious flavors and styles of doughnuts we bought, and Clara had one all to herself.
She loved it, of course.
The park was right next to the Scioto River, so we walked down to the water and I skipped some rocks to impress the girls, and then went to the playground were Clara went on the slide (with her parents) and sat in the swing. She didn't love the swing, but she didn't hate it as much as last time, either, so we're making progress. We found a kiddie swing big enough for the both of us! I've never seen one that big, but it was pretty cool.

Then, we walked back up to the car, and checked out the big statute of Leatherlips, an Indian chief who made a treaty with settlers in Ohio allowing them to farm on land that was once claimed by his tribe. The settlers were glad, but the other Indians were mad and sentenced wise old Leatherlips to death by tomahawk. His sentence was carried out a little ways north of the park (and we've seen that monument before), but a while ago this big statue was made to honor the man. Crystal honored Leatherlips with a kiss from her not-so-leather lips.

Finally, a fun random picture from this week. Clara loves spaghetti and meatballs!
*Which reminds me, I still want to see this movie.


Ali said...

Wow, so you guys have orange bathwater after sessions like that, huh? How funny. Those kiddie swings are pretty cool- they always had one at the park I grew up's built for kids with special needs, but I would always love to swing in it cause you can rest your head!! Aw, true relaxing.

Mary said...

That is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya said...

so that's what happened to leatherlips. crystal, I am jealous...I only kissed the monument, not the giant head monument!!

The Clarksons said...

Have you ever made Krispy Kreme bread pudding casserole? It's absolutely do DIE FOR! And I think "love's spaghetti & meatballs" is an understatement.

Seth and Peggy said...

Did you get a whole box of donuts for free? I heard they were giving free ones away. Maybe I better check into these things for next year!
Hope you have fun on your long trip in CA!