Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Too Many Cooks

I just finished reading a book called "Too Many Cooks" by Emily Franklin. It is a non fiction book in which the author tells about a year in her family's life trying new foods. She and her husband have 4 children, and although I thought their eating habbits were already far from the norm, she wanted to focus on expanding the horizons of her children's palates. This was a very fun book for me. Each chapter had a story about something that happened in their family involving food and at the end of each chapter there were a few recipes for foods they ate in that chapter. Some recipes I have no desire to try and others I found myself looking for the nearest pen and paper to write it down to try later!

One of the best parts of this book was how well I felt I got to know her family. Although I have no idea what her kids look like in real life, I could picture them in my head saying the things they said in the book. And in my head I just kept thinking how I hope my kids (well kid right now) will eat and try as many things as hers do!

Another great thing about this book is it made me excited to try some new foods that I have never cooked with before, and it gave me a recipe in which to try it out on. The author sounds like someone I would love to cook with and could learn so much from. And she was able to make some ingredients that I have been hesitant to try seem much less intimidating. Also, her style of cooking is very laid back. In the introduction she says she would probably be sent to baker's prison because she doesn't sift all the dry ingredients together before adding them to the wet, which I thought was funny because I am the same way. And her measurements are all approximate which I love too.

I guess if you like to cook and try new foods, this is the book for you! She tells a great story through the eyes of your appetite and it is so relatable (mostly, the trips to Italy and London, not so much!) Anyways, fun book!

NOTE FROM JORDAN: This the 100th Post on our blog! Because Crystal has posted it, she wins a prize. I think it will be a banana split.
In these 100 posts, we have bought and sold cars and homes, had a child, moved across the country, visited Disneyland, Mexico, Peru, Graceland and Amish country, eaten lots of yummythings, drawn a picture of a cat and surprised the family for Christmas.
Here's to our next 100 posts! Thank you for following along with our adventures.


Jordan said...

Also, Crystal laughed out loud ALL THE TIME while she was reading this book. I want to read it just because she thought it was so funny. (And so I can be excited for whatever new foods are on the horizon!)

Mary said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!