Monday, July 21, 2008

Our house, in the middle of our street

Please enjoy this song and video while reading this post.

This post is about our new home in Columbus, Ohio (assuming we close on it, as planned, on Aug. 1). The home is part of a project called "Home Again," through which the city bought run-down properties, gutted them and refurbished them completely. My brother, David, and his family live in a home done by the program and love it. When we were looking for a place, we were first drawn to the Home Again properties, but there was only one left in Franklinton, the area of Columbus where David lives.

Long story short, we got the last Home Again house in the area, only three blocks from David and Megan. Hooray! It is a beautiful home, built originally in 1893, but completely refurbished in 2007. It has lovely wood floors on the main floor and carpet upstairs. It also has three bedrooms, so we can have visitors! You are all invited to visit.

Here are some Before and After shots for your perusal.

The part of it, however, that I am most excited about is the kitchen. It is large, with lots of cabinetry, so Crystal can continue her self-proclaimed "baking problem." To quote Earl Hickey, though, saying Crystal has a baking problem "is like saying Michael Jordan has a basketball problem, or Def Leppard has an awesomeness problem. So ya'll can just pour some sugar on that." Here's the kitchen:
It also has a yard, not huge, but good-sized, and it has parking for our cars in the back, with access from an alley. We are very excited to move in.

As well as being close to David and Megan, it is also about a 5.5-mile bike ride to school for me. I am very excited to commute by bicycle, to get in better shape and to avoid paying for gas.


crazyj said...

It looks great!! We'll have to come visit you when you move out. Did you end up looking at a lot of houses or is this the first one you went to as it was close to a similar to what David and Megan got?

Josh and Kimmy said...

It's so cute! Congrats (in advance!) and hope it closes on time for you!

Kathryn said...

How exciting. I get to come see it for real next month!

Ally Mack said...

The house looks great! And I too love the kitchen, looks great to cook in. Oh, and you baby is so cute!!

Ali said...

Oh, I missed that it was such a short commute somehow...that is great! That makes the home even more awesome. I hope you post more pics when you make it a home and add your personal touches to it all- have fun and good luck with the move!!

Seth and Peggy said...

Wow, I love the kitchen. It sounds like everything is just working out perfectly with the move, so I'm not sure whether to put all the energy this song is giving me into being happy for your or insanely jealous! jk I will be happy. Congrats.

Graham & Heather said...

That is such a beatutiful house! That is really exciting. Good luck with the move and all!