Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pavlov's Baby

Jordan and I have inadvertently done some scientific experimentation on Clara. Since Clara was in the NICU, she had to be formula fed as well as nursing so that her glucose levels stayed at a good level. Because she was used to having as much food as she wanted then, we are still supplementing her diet with formula, even though we are trying to ween her off of it. One thing is for sure, she LOVES to eat! Usually during the afternoon I end up nursing her almost every hour, but it still isn't enough and boy does she let me know! She will scream and cry and be very unhappy as I make a bottle for her, but as soon as I tuck a burp cloth under her chin she stops crying and opens her mouth. I thought that was a little funny, so when she was a little fussy I tucked something under her chin and low and behold, she stopped crying (for a little bit). By supplementing with formula, we created a Pavlovian response in Clara! Every now and again when she gets fussy, I will tuck something under her chin and she will stop crying for about 10 sec0nds until she realizes that food isn't coming, then she gets mad.

Here are some random cute pictures of Clara:

This is her Independence Day outfit.

This is her first week going to church
And this is her oh so cute tomato outfit. Isn't she the cutest baby ever?


Ali said...

I'm glad I got to witness the proof for myself :) I wonder what other experiments you'll come up with for her! So funny. She truly is such a pretty little girl. I had so much fun holding her the other day! Thanks for sharing your dearest ;)

Heather said...

How fun!! Cute, cute girl!