Sunday, July 6, 2008

My last story

The last story I wrote for the Standard-Examiner was about a family with Job Syndrome, a hereditary auto-immune disorder which limits the body's ability to fight off infections. It also leads to dental problems and brittle bones.

The story ran today, making it possibly the last of my journalism career.

The family was very gracious to let me, and especially the photographer, who came up with the story idea, to come to their home and talk about their trials. I wrote two stories, one about the disease itself, and the other about how the family deals with the disease. In the one about the family, I was able to use five verses from the Book of Job and weave them through the story. I think it turned out really well.

Here is the story about the family.

And here is the story about the disease.

Take the time to watch the video of the girls, too (it is embedded in the first story). It is long, but very poignant.


Kathryn said...

Wow. That's so cool that you were able to do this story. The Allen family seems very nice. That would be a difficult situation, but I'm glad they are there for each other. And your article is really good. I like the Job quotes and I think you did a good job of showing that there's hope even in really tough times. If it does turn out to be the last one of your journalism career, it's a good place to end.

Ali said...

I hope you continue your journalism career...even if it's writing great stories on your blog, and keeping us all informed. How sad about that disease...I had never heard of it. It is silly that I thought it was so cool you were making scripture references until I realized that the name of the disease has to do with "Job", the man, not "job", as in work? I feel like a ditz. It all makes sense now though. Still cool that you quoted the scriptures though :)