Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project, Projects, and more Projects!

It feels like our house is a constant project, but in a good way! I just finished painting our kitchen, and it looks so good! Jordan got a lawn mower for an early birthday present (all of his presents were early this year! His birthday isn't until next week!), so today he mowed the lawn. Jordan's mom, his brother Joseph and his wife Maren and his other brother Michael were here this week and we got and built a shed for our backyard(Thanks Joseph and Michael!). Plus we finally put together the rocking chairs for our front porch that we got for Christmas. Add all that to our garden, fence and the painting we have already done and it seems like our house is constantly changing! Here are some pictures of those changes, along with some of Clara, just because she is cute!
Here is the shed being built. Goodbye bikes in the kitchen!

Here is our new lawn mower and by ours I really mean Jordan's because I am pretty sure he will be the one who uses it the most!Here is how bad our lawn looked before this handy mower. I am pretty sure we could have lost Clara in it!
And After!
And here are our new rocking chairs. If you come visit, we will let you sit in them!
And finally here is the new color for our kitchen. The walls are still all taped. I wanted to give the paint time to dry before I took it off, so that will happen Monday, then hopefully our house will get put back together and I can post a real picture of the kitchen!
And finally, here are a couple of pictures of Clara in her first experience of playing in the mud. She LOVED it! (and loved to eat it!)


Josh and Kimmy said...

She is so cute! I love those rolly poley arms!! And cute house! I can't wait for Tanya to come give me lessons this week. :)

Heather said...

Your house looks great. What a perfect yard with a garden and fence!! Clara is super cute! It's good for kids to eat dirt every now and then. :)

breena rae said...

Clara is hilarious! I love her huge grin. And I love the top of your blog with beaming Clara.

Ali said...

Aw, porch rockers on a beautiful porch?! You know how many people dream of that?? I am dreaming of a visit RIGHT NOW. And is that five little rolls on ONE arm? I love it. She is a doll.

Jennifer said...

That color on your kitchen walls is beautiful!