Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winter Fun

Every time it snowed, Clara BEGGED to go out and build a Frosty of her very own. We had a very cold winter, but it seemed like there was never enough snow at one point to do a whole lot of snowman building. Or at least it never seemed to coincide with when Jordan had time. And lets face it, I wasn't going to go out in the snow and build a snowman! I don't like snow. I don't like cold. Nothing about that sounds fun. I will, however, go and take pictures, since they had a lot of fun doing it! First, we had to get Clara all bundled up. What a chore that is! I am surprised she can even move with all those layers on!

After all snow was gathered and formed into a snowman-like shape (Jordan pretty much did all the work for that), it was time to put on the face- a carrot nose, we used chocolate for the eyes,
and beans for the mouth- you use what you have! Clara loved it!
I am pretty sure her face says it all. She loved building a snowman and that was all she wanted to do for the rest of the winter, but this was the only Frosty that was actually built.
I am throwing this picture in because I like it! Jordan loved that he and Lucas had matching hats. They both wore them a lot during the winter. This was before church one Sunday. They both look so handsome! And Lucas looks so little, compared to now!

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