Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disney Princesses on Ice

Back in January, my friend Hillary found out about a deal where if you donated a pack of diapers, you could get a ticket to see Disney Princesses on Ice. We both thought our girls would LOVE the show, so we decided to do it. I found a nice deal on diapers, and got me and Clara tickets for the show for less than $10 total. Sweet! Before the show, we went to dinner at Buca di Beppo (no pictures of that) with the girls, our husbands, and of course, Lucas came too. Hillary had princess dresses, crowns and light up wands for both girls. They were both ready for the show! Clara had the same smile plastered on her face from the moment she put on the princess dress to the moment the show started.

Then she got a little more serious.

Mickey and Minnie were the first charachters to come out. As soon as Clara saw him she screamed "MICKEY!!!!!!" as loud as she could- she was mesmerized.

My cheap camera doesn't take the clearest pictures in situations like this, but there were all sorts of princess stories from Ariel to Sleeping Beauty, to Jasmine and Snow White and of course, Cinderella.
This pretty much sums up what Clara looked like the entire show. She had such a good time, but I think it was also a little overwhelming for all these characters that she knows and loves to come to life.

I think this show was all I heard about for 3 weeks straight after the show. Clara could not stop talking about it, singing the songs, and pretending to dance on ice like all the princesses. Every now and again she will bring it up again, and I am amazed that she remembers it. It was such a fun night. I would definitely go see another Disney on Ice production. Disney knows what they are doing!

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