Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter Party

Our friend Lindsey is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Since we have lived here, she has thrown a party when a new Harry Potter movie comes out. In order to attend said party, you MUST dress up as a character from the books. When The Half Blood Prince came out in July of 2009, I was a witch in muggle clothing, Clara was a house elf and Jordan was a portrait of a former headmaster.

We didn't want to repeat our same costumes, so we headed to the thrift store to get some inspiration. I originally wanted to go as Bellatrix, but then I found this sweet hat at the thrift store and decided that I should go as Rita Skeeter instead. Jordan is a Quidditch player, Clara is Hermione, and Lucas is baby Harry Potter, scar and all.

Here is some of the decor at the party:

And the snacks- licorice wands, cauldrons cakes, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Gummy Flobber Worms, and so much more!

Clara enjoyed the Cauldron Cakes a little too much!

Rita Skeeter and Baby HarryGryffindor Quidditch Player and Baby Harry

Rita interviewing an uncomfortable Hermione with her handy Quick-Quotes Quill.
Thanks again to our hosts, Ed and Lindsey, aka Ron and Hermione!

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Ali said...

Awesome! I must say, having never read a Harry Potter book I can't say I can relate to any of this, but I'm excited to read them one day with Evan when he can get excited about them too. Your guys' costumes are great!