Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween and Other Scary Things

In Columbus, most of the trick or treating took place on the Thursday before Halloween, so our Halloween celebrations took place then (and yet I am still kind of late blogging about it!) We had quite the adventurous day! My mom was here visiting for two weeks while I recovered from having my tonsils out, and sadly, she left that day. Good thing we had so many other things going on, or Clara would have had more serious Grandma withdrawals (read: tantrums) than she did!

Clara was really excited that she and Lucas both had shirts with owls on them. I attempted to get pictures of them both, however Clara was not very cooperative, so you take what you can get! Here are a few cute ones:
While my mom was visiting us, we had quite a few exciting moments involving the police. A house across the street from ours was being rented by a drug dealer and the police were trying to catch the guy, so in the two weeks my mom was visiting there were three or four SWAT team visits. The last one happened on Thursday and I captured a few pictures of the action.

This last visit was the final one. The police boarded up the house and shut down the operation. It was really crazy to see all the action!

That night, we went to downtown Grove City to Boo on Broadway. A bunch of businesses all come together and hand out candy (and a little bit of advertising) to all the kids that come trick or treating to them. Considering the action on our street as of late, I considered this as a much safer option than going in our neighborhood! We went with some friends of ours, the Avery's, and had a great time! My mom helped me make the kids' costumes and I was really happy with how they turned out.

Lucas was Yoda

And Clara was Leia. She LOVED the ear buns. She kept calling them her princess ears. I was so happy she liked her costume so much!
Family Shot. Jordan and I were responsible adults for Halloween. Creative. I know.
The Avery's (Leila is one of Clara's favorite friends)

Me and Clara. It was the first cold night, but Clara couldn't have cared less. She was so mesmerized by the whole experience. It was really fun to see how magical everything was for her.
On our way home, we stopped by David and Megan's house so Clara could see her cousins, Harry and Wyatt in their costumes. It is really hard to get a good picture of four little kids! So here are two pictures for your enjoyment.


Ali said...

I didn't notice before that you did ear-buns for Clara too! That is adorable!

Oh, and the drama with the swat team- EXITING! I would have totally taken pictures too:)

Kevin, Amanda & Braxton said...

I love the kids costumes they are way cute! Hey if your ever intersted our neighborhood is GREAT for trick or treating!

Jani said...

Drug dealers across the street!!! careful, ok? You're rather important.

PS: Goes quite well with the unnecessary quotation marks.