Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pasta on the Floor, Clara times Four

We had the missionaries in our ward over for dinner one night recently, and Crystal, as always, made something delicious. The deliciousness was delayed slightly by the fact that the pasta spilled all over the floor, so we had to make more.
Clara loved it, and I have done a quick chop of four of Crystal's pictures of Clara's reactions to the delicious treat fallen from the sky. Enjoy.


Rach_Spencer said...

Crystal spill food all over the floor??? That's odd. (Somebody needs to invent a sarcasm italic of sorts so in case you don't get the sarcasm it's a little more obvious for you.) At least Clara was there to help you clean it up. Too bad she wasn't there for the wedding cake incident she would have loved that more.

Tanya said...

Let me guess...she probably tripped too?!?!

Rachel Ann said...

I can't believe how big she is getting!! Well... she has always been a cute chubby little thing... but she is looking so much older. :)