Thursday, August 27, 2009


For Christmas last year, my sister Rachael gave us a season pass to COSI children's museum. I decided to wait to start the pass until Clara could walk so we would both enjoy our time there better. Well, Clara is walking now, so we decided to start going to COSI, and she LOVES it!

COSI has a little kids section that is basically a giant indoor playground with lots of hands on activities, like a water table, electricity room, play doctors offices, etc. Clara loves to splash at the water table.
Clara and Harry playing in the water

When you first walk in, there is this giant tree house/slide/climbing place, and Clara loves to explore on it.

There is a giant bean bag with a ton of stuffed animals and puppets. Clara likes to play with all of those.

I really like this picture, she was so oblivious that I was there the entire time. She was content to just play and ignore me.

This video was in the electricity room. When you put your hand on the metal, music starts playing. Clara loves to touch all the different things to hear all the different sounds and dance. She LOVES music.


Ali said...

That museum looks fresh, clean, and FUN! Yeah for a pass! Clara is growing up WAY too it wierd to think she's your baby and then see Megan's teensity baby?! Crazy how fast they grow...

crazyj said...

Until seeing that video, I had no idea how well Clara is walking!!! She is getting so BIG!

P.S. We want to thank you again for the scrubs that you gave us. I used them for a year at work and now Joseph wears them to Anatomy lab:)

P.S.S. This is Maren.

Elisabeth said...

She's SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!! That's all.