Monday, November 10, 2008

Wait for it, Wait for it... I'm still waiting for it.

Clara is in charge and she knows it. For MONTHS she has been threatening to roll over. We had to hurry up and get a crib for her because she almost wiggled out of her bassinet. Every day I think "today is the day!" And yet it still hasn't come. Friday night she put on a little show for us. Here is a little snippet of that:

Man she is stubborn! I am pretty sure she could roll over, but she doesn't really like to be on her tummy so I bet she just doesn't want to go there. In my head I also keep thinking why I even want her to be mobile since it will make my life that much busier, but I still just keep rooting her on!

(If you would prefer to watch the video on mute, I understand. I prefer it that way. I sound so weird on video!)


Heather said...

Oh she is so close. Pretty soon you'll have her rolling all over the floor!

Ali said...

ooohh, she is a teaser!! So cute.

breena rae said...

don't you love the anticipation and excitement of being a mom! She'll do it and then do it over and over and over again!