Thursday, November 6, 2008

Double Whammy

Clara hit me with a double whammy this morning. We have been working on getting her to sleep through the night and that first requires her to realize she doesn't need to eat every three hours, especially at night! Last night she went 9 hours without eating(not without waking up, but that is the next step, I suppose!) and I was super excited about it. When she woke up at 7:45, she was READY, to eat, so I changed her diaper really quick then took her downstairs to feed her. She ate like hadn't for 2 days! When she finished, I burped her then laid her down on the floor to play. She was happy for a while, then started fussing and grunting, so I knew she was trying to work something out of her backside, so I picked her up and held her sitting up to help her work it out. After a little while, she laid down on my lap then she started choking on her spit(which she does quite a lot). So I sat her up and she coughed/spit out a ton of spit. I smelled it to make sure it wasn't throw up and it wasn't, so I grabbed a burp cloth and cleaned it up, then burped her a little. Then I remembered that she had a messy diaper, so I was about to go changer her, but she had other plans! She coughed again then started to fuss, then she threw up. Twice. All over the couch. Tons. I think it was about a cup of liquid. After that she just smiled and laughed. So I proceeded to clean that up, then I remembered her diaper again. She was wearing 2 pair of pajamas, so I didn't notice at first, but she blew out!

What a wonderful way to start the day!

But seriously, how can you be upset with a face like this?

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The John Clarksons said...

Oh the joys! Kylie was a projectile spit up baby, and there was much volume to it! Annika spits up through her nose - go figure! How cool she slept for so long! Ya!

breena rae said...

Crystal!!! First of all, I need to put your blog on my links and second of all, your daughter is so darn cute. 18 lbs! Her and Brighton weigh the same...but Brighton is like super small. Anywho. I love the blow out both ends story. Brighton blew out her diaper while I was nursing her. It was ALL over me! Good luck with the will happen someday.

Seth and Peggy said...

Ahh don't you love those experiences! I actually just put a post on my blog about a few lovely deeds my girls have just done. Enter your stories there and you could win a great prize (trust me---the girl prize is adorable).