Saturday, November 22, 2008


Apparently Clara's double whammy from two posts ago was a preview for this week. Clara has been sick for the last few days and has been blasting out of both ends repeatedly. I don't think I have ever done so much laundry. Poor Clara just isn't herself. Hopefully she will get back to normal soon!


Heather said...

Sad. I hope she gets better. It's not fun to have a sick kid.

Ali said...

So sad to see her sick I'm sure...Hope you both feel better soon!!!


Wow, that stinks... luckily it always goes away, right? I just read through your blog. I haven't been able to bake since college (living in Utah screwed me all up). I had been baking since I was 10. Someday it will come back to me.
When did you get married and when did you have a baby!!?? Congrats to both. Clara is a sweetie pie. I loved the video of her 'not rolling over' :) We just love our kids, don't we? Let me know how you are doing! (what took you to Ohio?)