Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Seven Wonders of Utah

As some of you know, I created and coordinated a big project at the paper last year, The Seven Wonders of Utah and The Seven Wonders of the Top of Utah. The "Top of Utah" is our coverage area, pretty much anything north of Salt Lake county.

I created a nomination form, which was put in the newspaper, and people mailed it back saying which seven places, buildings, natural formations, structures, etc. were the most "wondrous." That started in September, and by October I had taken the 30 most popular nominees in each category and made a ballot. Voting lasted until Halloween, and the final project, with all the winners ran in the paper as a series from Dec. 26 until New Years Day.

It turned out pretty cool, and I recently entered it in a news contest for the Associated Press in Utah, Idaho and Washington. Maybe I'll win!

I will for sure feel like a winner if you look at the project by following the link below. It has links to the stories about each wonder as well as the awesome videos that were put together, too. If anyone is looking for new, cool places to check out in Utah, I think you can get some great ideas from the Seven Wonders.

The Seven Wonders Project


Ali said...

That is quite the project, Jordan. I am exited to watch these videos at home (I am at work at the current moment). I haven't heard of some of these places!!

Jenny said...

That's so cool! I took a look at the site and the 7 wonders picked for both are great places. I wish the Spiral Getty(?) would have made it on. That is a cool place.