Monday, May 19, 2008

On May 7, I turned 27 years old, or 3³ for you mathophiles. That means I can show my age on my fingers, holding three up with one hand and another three on the other hand, but slightly above and to the right of the first. I won't be 4³ for another 37 years, so I'll enjoy it while I can.

My birthday brought about a lot of surprises and fun, thanks to Crystal, my family and friends.

Work was normal and not very stressful, for which I was grateful. I almost mentioned it was my birthday to a coworker, but right before that he told me his wife's birthday was the day before and he forgot! She was out of town and he had already given her a gift, but I felt bad enough for him that I didn't tell him it was my b-day. He said he'll have a hard time living that one down... I can totally understand, Crystal still gives me a hard time, often, for going on a cruise without her, and we were only engaged at that time.

After work, Crystal gave me some presents, the DVD of The Prestige (which is awesome!), some Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers (so yummy!) and a present for-me-but-not-for-me, a onesie for Chicklet that says "Daddy's Girl." I'm so excited for our little princess to come!

After presents, Crystal made dinner with hamburgers and oven fries and LOTS of yummy fresh fruit salad. The missionaries came over for dinner and we had a fun time visiting with them. One is from Sweden and the other is Aussie, so it was fun to talk to them about their homes, as well as about missionary work in our area. NOTE: Crystal's hamburgers are the best! Everyone should petition her to post her secret recipe, because it is incredible.

After dinner, we went to the Nickelcade and got to play lots of video games. I am going to post a collage that will hopefully show what happened there better than I can tell it. Let me just say that I am not afraid to gloat about completely beating a pregnant woman at air hockey.
(Also note that Crystal barely fit through the turnstile. She is so cute!)

We played “Deal or No Deal” twice, even though it was $1 instead of a nickel, and won both times. The first time, Crystal got a little too excited and chose “Deal” prematurely (see second row on left) and we only got 26 tickets. Later, we got it right and ended up with 100 tickets! (See third row) Those tickets turned into lots of candy!

After the Nickelcade, we came home and I settled in to watch the Jazz playoff game when my phone rang. It was sister, Christina, calling to say, "Is Crystal there? Oh, and happy birthday." Then she talked to Crystal about hair care products for the next five minutes and didn't say anything else to me. She is so funny! I also got calls from my friends Jeff and (a day early because he was going to Puerto Rico) Brandon, and my brothers David and (a day later because he was in Hawaii) Joseph.

By about 9:30 p.m., the Jazz were winning and I still hadn't heard from my parents, which I thought was kind of odd. I figured they were busy or would wish me a happy birthday when we saw them as planned a couple days later.

Then, the doorbell rang.

It was my parents and five of my siblings singing "Happy Birthday" and my mom had a tray full of eclairs, each with a candle burning in it. I was so suprised! I blew out the candles and we all had eclairs. Then, my brother, Michael, brought in a potato box and said, "Here's your present."

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy potatoes, but I was kind of curious as to why I was getting food for my birthday. My mom told me to open it, and I learned it was not potatoes. It was a Nintendo Wii! My mouth fell open and Crystal says I was about as surprised as she has ever seen me! It has been so much fun to play with Crystal, and I can't wait to play it with my family in order to thank them for such an awesome present. I have now joined the Wiivolution! Happy Birthday, it sure was!


Curtis Gibby said...


You share a birthday with my wife -- to the very day. So who's older? What time of day were you born Jordan? And I'm 4 days older than you both! Ha!

Jordan said...

I was born at 5:14 a.m.
That is funny because Crystal's older sister was born the exact same day, too, just a few hours later than me.

Kathryn said...

You forgot the most important highlight of your birthday--when I called after the family had left. I think a call from Kathryn beats a Wii any day of the week.