Monday, April 7, 2008

Wait! I thought I was the forgetful one!

This weekend Jordan and I went to Heber to visit family and have an entire weekend away while we watched conference. We rarely get a whole weekend away because we always have to be back for church Sunday morning to fulfill our church responsibilities. Needless to say, Friday, when we both got home from work, we were really excited to get away, but we had a few things to do before we could leave. As soon as Jordan had his bag packed and ready to go, I asked him if I could take it to the car for him so he could go do some of the other things he needed to do before we left. I put our bags in the car and half an hour or so later we were on our way! Weekend here we come!

As we were driving up to Heber, about half way there, Jordan said "Wait, I forgot to pack clothes!" I was confused because I saw him packing and I put his bag in the car. Apparently he packed socks and underwear and shoes and his toothbrush, but he forgot actual clothes to wear over his underwear and match his shoes and socks. Who does that?!?

Luckily, we were coming up on Park City, so I suggested we stop at the outlets to see if we could find a good sale and get him something else to wear for the weekend. The Gap Outlet was having a great sale on all their clearance items, so we ended up getting him some good clothes for really cheap. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good deal, so I was super excited to find some nice shirts for $5-6 and some other good deals, so luckily it all worked out.

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Ali said...

I'm going to have to try that sometime! Thanks for the idea! Maybe next time we come visit you...just as we are passing the Gateway mall? ...or Nordstroms Rack? That is BRILLIANT, Jordan!