Saturday, April 12, 2008

Runnin' in Columbus

I got the chance to visit my brother, David, his wife, Megan, and their supercute 9-month-old son, Harry, this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. On Friday, David let me tag along with him to school at The Ohio State University, and he also showed me around the city. The Columbus area has about a million people, but it is spread out and covers a lot of territory.

While the weather was mostly cloudy, it was very warm (compared to the 40s we've had in Utah) and enjoyable. I'll post some pictures from the trip later, but I wanted to share some cool stuff from this morning.

Since I am still trying to run my 100 total miles, I decided to go for a run this morning (Saturday) while David was at a professional school presentation event thingy. I rode with Megan and David to OSU campus, where David was dropped off, then Megan drove me a bit farther north (right by the huge Ohio Stadium, "The Horseshoe," where the Buckeyes play football) and dropped me off.

I then ran back to David and Megan's house along the Olentangy River Trail and it was beautiful and relaxing, as it winds along the river. I ended up with a nice 6-mile run out of it, too. One funny thing happened as I was running along one section, a pretty area near a park across the river from downtown Columbus. A few Canadian geese were playing in the water below me, so I did two loud "honk" noises to see if they would react. They didn't. Someone else did, though. I totally scared awake a man who was bundled up and sleeping on one of the benches along the path! I didn't notice him until he startled awake from my noises. I looked at him when I noticed and said, "Oh, sorry," and he just laughed and rolled back over. Pretty great!

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Ali said...

Jordan, I laughed so hard when I read this... (after I cried knowing that you are six up on me). Plus I thought it was extra funny cause I'm in the middle of reading Crystal's recommended "Goose-girl" :) I am exited to see pictures!