Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come run, come all!

As you can tell by the mileage tracker on the right side of the blog, the great 100 Mile Challenge is on the home stretch. To celebrate our return to running regularity, Ali and I are hosting the AJ Classic (A for Ali, J for Jordan) 10-mile run on May 17 at 7 a.m. in Provo. By "hosting," I mean inviting anyone who is interested to come enjoy a 10-mile run from Vivian Park, in Provo Canyon, along the Provo River Trail to LaVell Edwards Stadium on BYU campus.

Thanks to a handy program online, here is a map of the running route, with mile-markers, etc.
Anyone who does not want to run the entire 10-mile course is welcome come and run for part of the race, cheer on the runners or (as Crystal will do) set up at strategic points to hand out water and orange slices.

Runners are invited to carpool to the starting area or bring someone who can drive their car back down the canyon. The course requires one major road crossing (at University Avenue and 2230 North), so participants should be careful as they run. The finish line will be set up at the stadium, which has a large parking lot for mingling after the race (and eating more orange slices!)

Important Information:
AJ Classic 10-mile Run
Where: Vivian Park in Provo Canyon to LaVell Edwards Stadium
When: 7 a.m. May 17, 2008
Who invited: Anyone who wants to run for fun!

Please RSVP so we know how many to expect and so we don't start running without you! Also, we may ask people to help out with water, Gatorade or some fruit for the pit crew. If you want to invite any non-runners, invite them to help with the treats, carpooling, etc.

You can RSVP by commenting on this post, or by e-mailing Jordan or Ali.


Jenny said...

so... do you have to run? I was wondering if I could rollerblade it. I probably won't be able to come. I'm working at the temple, but I would have loved to come and cheer you on. Maybe next year when you do it I'll come.

Heather said...

SO I want to see pictures of this cute wife of yours. I live too far away to see her! Tell her hi!