Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pregnant Me

By popular demand (though not by me, but I am sure my vote doesn't count in this matter anyways!) here is a picture of pregnant me. I wear maternity clothes all the time now, and in them I feel like I don't really look pregnant. My belling still gets lost in all the fabric of the clothes. Last night yet another one of my sisters called to pester me about posting a picture. Jordan suggested that I put on a T-shirt because I look pregnant in regular clothes. Also, I am kind of sticking out my belly a little just for effect. So if any of you see me in real life anytime soon and you think I looked more pregnant in the picture than in real life, that is the reason!


Ali said...

That is CUTE you! I love belly pictures. Keep em coming cause we HAVE to see the growth of it all. Hooray for cute bellies. :) ...and I like your explanations and disclaimer of when you DO and DO NOT so much look prego.

Megan said...

So cute! You look great, and so happy!

Melissa said...

How fun I like your Baby Ticker. You are so blessed!