Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots O' Lucas

This post will be heavy on the pictures to appease all of you who have been demanding new pictures! Here they are in chronological order. Hopefully you can see some growth, though I am not very consistent at taking pictures.

Sleepy Head

More Sleepy Head
And more sleepy head! That is one of his favorite past times!

One night we built a fire, roasted hot dogs and had smores. Hmm, I can't tell if Clara likes them or not, can you?

I walked into the kitchen one day and saw this. Little rascal!

This is a typical Lucas face.
And so is this

And so is this! He loves to have his arms above his head and to play with his hair.

Ooops! Forgot to turn the image! Just turn your head!

I LOVE this little outfit! Thanks again Maren! Lucas likes to put his hands up to his face when he sleeps.

Isn't he cute?

This is another outfit I absolutely love! His hair is a little curly, you can kind of see that in this picture.

And just in case you haven't seen enough, here is one more!


AJ Candrian said...

Oh my goodness! Crystal and Jordan he is so darling! I love that he has such a full head of hair! So cute!

Ali said...

OH, he is handsome! I'm jealous of all his curls! SO sweet. You will have a hard time cutting those off in a year I'm sure:) Thanks for the update!!

Ally said...

He is sooo handsome. Looks like he belongs perfectly. He looks so much like his big sister. How are you adapting to 2 kids?