Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is this?!?!

So apparently my hands just can't get a break. My finger is finally healed up from me cutting a piece of it off back in January, but now I have something new and intriguing. Just take a look at these lovely pictures:

I couldn't sleep, so I had to take pictures by myself so I could write this. Both hands look like this, but seeing as I am not that talented, I couldn't take a picture of both hands at once, and since they both look the same, you guys get to see good old lefty.

I bet you are thinking "wow, what did you do?" and the only answer I have is I HAVE NO IDEA! I woke up with this yesterday morning. It started out as just some redness and swelling at the base of my fingers, and then yesterday afternoon blisters started to form. You can really only see two blisters in the pictures, but I have 4 more on that hand hiding in between my fingers, plus 4 on the other hand. The tips of my fingers are fine- it seems to just be at the base and in between my fingers and a whole lot of swelling in the knuckles. Also, it is only on the dorsal surface, nothing on my palms. It feels like I burned myself, but I haven't. I haven't changed any lotions, soaps or detergents in my house in probably a month. I can't think of anything odd or new that I have come in contact with recently. I called my OB she said it doesn't sound pregnancy related since she has never heard of that before. So I called my general doctor who said that sounded really weird and I needed to come in and have it looked at. My doctor, as well as all her colleagues in her office, were all stumped. None of them could think of any possible reason for this to happen. So now I get to play the waiting game this weekend and see what happens. Weird, huh!


Ali said...

That looks terribly painful and so sad! I'm so sorry! I'm going to pray it goes away soon!! I can't believe you have them all stumped! How crazy.

Joe and LeiAnn said...

That is crazy!! It really sounds like some kind of chemical exposure or allergy, but since you've ruled that out...I'm stumped too.

Ruth said...

Um, especially weird because Nancy had this happen a few years ago. The blisters were a little different (one eventually took over and became a huge balloon--ask your younger in-laws about it), but the process and result sounds very similar. And no one could ever figure out what caused it.
I'm sure it feels awful; I'm so sorry.

Elisabeth said...

Scary!!!! I hope that you're okay.


Really weird... I hope you get better soon!!!