Monday, March 1, 2010

Cheap Diapers

If any of you are looking for cheap diapers out there and have never used, I have a deal for you! You can get $50 of diapers for $25! Here is how:

Go to

Fill your cart with $50 worth of diapers.

Use coupon code CCIN6116 at check out to get $10 off your order of $50. You will automatically get free shipping because the order is over $49. This coupon code only works for NEW customers, so if you already have an account with them, it wont give you the discount.

When you are checking out, look for a banner that looks like this:
Click on it and print out the refund offer. Fill it out and send it in with a copy of your receipt. I believe this refund is also only available to new customers.

With the coupon code and the refund, you get $50 of diapers for $25. For the sizes that I ordered, I got 284 diapers, which comes out to a little over $.08 per diaper. Not bad! I already ordered mine and they came in just a couple of days, so the free shipping is really fast. I submitted for my refund, also. It takes a few weeks to get that back, so I don't have it yet, but that will be a nice surprise in the mail when I do get it! Hope this deal helps some of you out!

UPDATE: I have received an email from parenting magazine and my rebate is on its way!

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Maren said...

I just ordered tonight because I was waiting for them to get all my $3 off Huggies coupons. I used the code MOMDEC09 because I didn't think it would matter which code I used. It wasn't until I finished and got the confirmation email that I realized that the code you posted was individualized and I would have got $10 off and you would have got $5 of credit. Sorry I didn't use that code!