Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clara's Talents

Clara has learned a couple of new talents lately. Here are some videos to prove it!

This first one is quite a milestone for me! I have been trying to coax her to go down the stairs on her own for quite a while, but her few tumbles off the back steps have stuck in her mind and scared her out of trying. About a week ago, I decided that it was TIME to learn. We spent some time sliding down the stairs for fun, then I showed her over and over again for to go down on her own. Once she reached to bottom, I clapped and cheered a ton, so she would be excited about it. It worked! She loves going down the stairs now! And I love not having to lug an extra 30 lbs down them multiple times a day!

Clara's next talent (if you want to call it that!) is to beg like a dog for food. She gets a little camera shy, so she only does it at the very beginning of this video. Anytime Jordan and I are eating-regardless of if she has food of her own- Clara starts begging like a dog for us to share. It is very funny and very cute!
Note: You will notice there is no video. After NUMEROUS attempts to post this video of Clara begging for food like a dog, I have given up on it. You all will just have to trust me. Its cute. Better yet, come visit us, and you can see her do this trick for yourself!


Ali said...

I love the way she goes down the stairs, oh and I remembered what commercial I was trying to think of with the gnome- TRAVELOCITY!! (it hit me when I saw Amazing Race on Sunday- you guys watch that?!)

breena rae said...

this is a true milestone and stress reliever for mommy! She is too cute and such a hoot. I have to say I'm a little jealous of the In N Out burger.