Tuesday, November 3, 2009

California Trip

This is a continuation of my attempts to catch up on blogging. At the beginning of October, Jordan, Clara and I headed to California for Fall Break and a couple of job interviews for Jordan. Again, I have been really lame at taking pictures lately, so only select parts of our trip (that are in no way a reflection of what our favorite parts were) are highlighted through photography.

You may remember a couple posts ago, of Jordan's Oops story with the gas pump. That happened on this trip to California. We drove to LA to see some friends and of course had to stop at In 'N Out for lunch.
I'll let Jordan explain the gnome later, but that was one tasty meal! Jordan let Clara have a sip of his milkshake, but once he gave it to her, he never got it back!
After that eventful day, Jordan had interviews the next couple of days, and we just relaxed at my parent's house. Clara had so much fun playing with cousins. One day while in Fresno, we decided to drive up to Shaver Lake for lunch and to see some mountains (especially since Ohio is SERIOUSLY lacking in mountains!) Clara really enjoyed the sand.

I think Clara traumatized this poor gnome!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a fantastic vacation!


Ali said...

Cute pictures :) What, what's the story of the gnome?! Isn't that the gnome off the commercials for...er, I can't think of it- now it's killing me!

bayu wijaya said...

hallo how are you