Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Doughnuts

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we made Brigham Young's Buttermilk Doughnuts. It is a slightly altered version of the original one from the 1800's. It was really fun, and they are really good! Here are some pictures of the fun!

Here is the dough, before the middles are gone!

Frying up!
Jordan manning the frying
The Finished Product. YUMMY!!

Do you think Clara liked them?

I think she does! She was trying to grab one so hard while we took this picture!


Josh and Kimmy said...

Clara's so cute!! Did you cut your hair?? It's cute too! :)

crazyj said...

I'm with Clara, those donuts look good!

Rachel Ann said...

They do look good. It's funny because I was actually thinking about making donuts the other day. Difference between you and me: I think about it... you actually do it. :)