Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finger Painting

Yesterday, Megan and I got together to let the kids finger paint. I thought they would love it, by boy was I wrong. Clara's cousin, Harry, SCREAMED the entire time. Being a boy, I thought he would love to get dirty, but he was a little grumpy when they came over and it just went downhill from there. Clara actually liked the finger painting, but Harry being upset made her upset too. I think it scared her. After painting and a much needed bath, we gave the kids a treat. Harry had a doughnut (from the previous post) and was a happy camper after that. If we do this again, I think we will try the treats first!

Me and Clara, nice and dirty!
Harry, boy was he sad!
Here is their very first cousins bath. Harry and Clara still weren't too thrilled about it.

Here is a video of them. It was really funny how upset they both were.


Elisabeth said...

They are still cute even when they are sad.

Rachel Ann said...

haha... that is really funny. I can't believe how big Clara is. She is so cute!

Suzanna said...

Looks like body painting!!!