Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homelessness cont.

Poor Clara, born to a pair of unemployed, homeless twentysomethings in the middle of a hot summer. It makes me wonder if she decided to stay in the hospital longer just so she wouldn't have to deal with the streets. The above picture shows the cart the hospital gave us (I guess they were out of grocery store carts) to move our stuff from one room to another while we lived in the building so we could be close to Clara.

Kidding aside, Clara was released from the hospital today after responding very well to a five-day course of intravenous antibiotics. The inflammation in her blood system, which was indicative of an infection, dropped quickly and she ate and ate while she was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (which means she also went through diaper after diaper ... atta girl!) After she got out of the hospital, we celebrated by going to the park and enjoying a few minutes in the shade on the grass. It was our first outing as a non-couple family, and we loved it. Clara slept for most of it and then had a picnic, courtesy of Crystal.

It was a blast to sit on the blanket and enjoy the beautiful day. After a while, we met some of my former coworkers from the paper for a delicious and fun good-bye lunch. It was fun to talk to them and I will really miss them. I was lucky to work with a lot of really great people at the paper.

Then, we drove to my parents' house and picked up a few more of our possessions and let my brother, Tanner, hold Clara. He was recovering from pneumonia (poor guy) when everyone else at home came to the hospital to meet her after she was born. We also let her lie face-down on a blanket for a while, something the nurses suggested because it allows Clara to strengthen her neck and arms in preparation for crawling in a few months. I am trying to take lots of pictures so we can remember her in this stage before she grows up.

After staying for a while in Bountiful, we drove to Crystal's parents' house in Heber City. Here, we are settling in for another bout of homelessness. Thanks to our parents and McKay-Dee Hospital, homelessness hasn't been that hard on us. We are grateful for our blessings, that's for sure.

To end, have one more picture of our little cutie.


Ali said...

We are so exited to see her (and you of course) and it looks like she is already being spoiled (even though she's grounded) I'm glad you all got to get some fresh air though! How fun. Congrats on going home early. Happy Healing Clara :)

Graham & Heather said...

Glad to see her doing so well and out of the hospital! She sure is cute.