Friday, June 6, 2008

The Great Race

In 1908, there was a car race from New York to Paris. It took the racers from February to August and September to arrive and only half (out of six cars) actually finished, the American car, the German car and the Italian car (the three French cars failed in their quest). Click on the above picture for a bigger view.

The Italian car, a 1906 Zust, had quite an adventure on the race, and then an even longer one since. It ended up in British Columbia, where it was recently restored.

It had a little adventure while it was here in Ogden, so when the owners were on a recent trip across the country following the race route, they stopped here. And, luckily, they stopped at the newspaper. Which means I got to see the car and write a story about it. Check it out here!

Also, here is the site of the owners and here is another about the race (and a 100-year recreation that was canceled two months ago because China wouldn't let the racers through their area.)

Also, because I love it, I am sending you to check out the 1965 movie "The Great Race," a hilarious film based on the original race. Jack Lemmon as Professor Fate is one of my favorite all-time movie villains. Note the awesome oompa-oompa music that is Professor Fate's theme in this clip.

Check out the trailer below:

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Kathryn said...

Wow, this is a a really cool story. I didn't know that the movie "The Great Race" was based on a real race. I think it's awesome how the owners took the time to find out about the car and learn the history of all the parts, and even cooler that they are actually following the old rout. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.