Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Law Graduation Speech

So, I was selected as the speaker for Honor's Convocation at law school graduation in May. I wanted to share my speech. Sorry it's taken a while.

I titled it, "A Change for the Better."

The video doesn't have all of my speech, so I started out with this story:

One morning in a Professional Responsibility class during the fall of 2009, a visiting speaker came to explain the documented increased risk for mental illness and substance abuse in attorneys and law students. He talked about the stresses we just put ourselves through for the past three years, and those which we are heading toward in future … actually starting Monday (look at watch), less than 65 hours from now, when we start studying for the bar.

After explaining the stresses on time and relationships related to legal study, the speaker asked us a question.

“With regard to what kind of person you are, who here has changed since they began law school?”

Every hand in the room shot up immediately.

Then, he asked the follow-up: “How many of you like how you’ve changed?”

(this is where the video picks up)


Ali said...

Hi Jordan, this is Jeff. Great speech. I really liked it. It was great to see you guys this summer.

Ali said...

Jeff and I sat together and listened to this and although I know nothing about your class of '11 other than you...I got chills! haha! A sure fire sign of a great speech:)