Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thanks Mom!

The week before Christmas we went to Illinois to visit my sister and her family. My mom sent a package of bearenwaka( yes I know it is a weird name, but it is also delicious!) to my sisters house for us to share. Well, as reliable as the mail is(yes that is a little bit of sarcasm) the package did not arrive before we left Illinois. But, being the fantastic mother my mom is, she just sent me my own package. And because the post office only had one size of mailer boxes available, she decided to stuff it full of all sorts of goodies. For me, there was a loaf of bearenwaka, a loaf of REAL California oranges and a loaf of sourdough bread(you just can't get good sourdough outside of California!) and some extra filling for the bearenwaka so I could make another loaf. These of course, are to be shared with Jordan and Clara(sorry Lucas, none for you yet!) However, I couldn't help but hoard the goods for a few minutes!My mom also included (if for no other reason than to weigh down the box) a bunch of her old jewelry for Clara. Oh my, was that little girl in heaven! In fact, it has been a couple of days since we have received the package and she still insists on wearing at least one, if not all, of the necklaces at any given moment.

Don't you just love her cheesey smile?(Sometimes I secretly wish I could just get her to smile nicely, but this is so Clara, and since I love her tons, I can't help but love her cheesey smile!)
And here she is examining each necklace. Boy does she love these!
So, thank you mom for making this week taste like Christmas with all the treats! And thank you for making Clara's week with the jewelry!

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Ali said...

Ooh, I bet that jewelry will be LONG treasured...and enjoy your ( while it lasts! Nothing like tastes of old home:)