Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear September

Dear September,
How are you already almost over? I keep thinking it is still summer, but I must have blinked and you made the switch to fall. I am enjoying the cooler weather, especially now that I get to snuggle up under blankets at night. I am also enjoying crocheting again, which is something I always seem to pick up again in the fall.

September, you have made me notice the gaps in my kids' wardrobes that need to be fixed before your good friend October comes to stay. We need to switch out all the shorts for pants and start wearing socks again(blast those socks! I wish I could go barefoot all year!)

A lot of good memories have been made while you were here, September. Clara is talking ever so much. Her favorite thing to say is "no way" and she loves to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". She knows about half of her letters and can count to 3 on a good day. She loves to love Lucas, Anytime she sees a picture of a big, pretty building, she excitedly yells "Temple!". She has gotten much better at folding her hands (never her arms!) and bowing her head for prayers and is trying to say them with me. Her hair is as curly as ever and I never realize how long it is until I give her a bath and wash it. She is growing up so fast and it seems like everyday I stop myself and just hug her for a minute because I don't want to miss out on that.

September, you have been so good to Lucas, too. He has grown so much! I am a little sad that he doesn't fit into his 3 month clothes anymore. He can hold his head up so well and even had his first playtime in the exersaucer. He doesn't love it yet, but I am sure he will, since he loves to be in the middle of the action. Lucas loves to laugh and smile. If you make eye contact with him and smile at him, most of the time he will smile back and start kicking his legs and get very excited. I can't believe my little man is already so big! And when I say big, I mean it! He is about 16 lbs now, though he isn't as chubby as Clara was at this age. He is just as sweet, though. I love to just hold him and cuddle with him.

It seems like the most changes have come for Jordan during your stay, September. He started his law school class, then he started his Health Admin. classes and we have all had to get used to him being gone more. As for me, with fall here, I have to get used to a new schedule too. All those freezer meals I made before Lucas was born are just about gone. I have to start making dinners again! No more sleeping in just a little bit, no more childless trips to the grocery store during the day, and a whole lot more cleaning needs to happen! I think as you leave, September, so does my "I just had a baby" excuse.

September, your stay was far too short! While we wont see you for another year, please tell your good friend October that he doesn't have to rush his visit. There are a lot of fun things that are going to happen when October is with us, and I want to make sure we get to enjoy them all.

Thanks for the great month, see ya next year!



Ali said...

Seriously...the excuses for "I'm pregnant", or "I just had a baby"--I miss them. Those alone (sort of) make me want another:) I'm glad that the start of Fall has treated you all so well and it's fun to picture Clara singing away and talking up a storm:)

Mary and Only Mary said...

That is so cool! All of your kids are growing up so fast! I miss you guys you should come down and visit us!