Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spot and Speckle

Some friends of ours had a couple of goldfish that they were looking to get rid of and they asked us if we wanted them. I wasn't too sure about taking on the responsibility of fish, but I knew Clara would love them, so we said yes. Yesterday David and Chelsie brought over the little guys, Spot and Speckle, and we set up their bowl. From the second Clara saw the fish, she LOVED them! These pictures don't really do her reaction justice. Most of that is because the second I pull out the camera, she stops smiling and turns into a different kid. I don't know what it is with her and the camera, but she has not learned to ham it up yet!

(Please excuse my messy counter. I had not yet cleaned the kitchen, nor was I expecting to have pictures of it taken!)

Clara spent about an hour just looking at these tow goldfish. She talked to them, she cried every time we told her it was time to get down, then got really excited each time we gave her a few more minutes (hence the hour of looking at them). While I am not too excited to have a fish bowl to clean out, I am glad that Clara loves these fish and that seeing them is such a treat for her. We have to work on keeping her hands out of the bowl, but other than that, she is onto a great start! We will see how long they keep her interested!


Mary said...

That is so cute I can't believe ho long she was up there just looking at those little fishes but she must love them allot to just stare at them for so long.:)

Ali said...

Oh the things we do for our kiddos! I absolutely hate cleaning fish bowls (I had to do it for my on campus byu secretary desk job and it was more than would have been nice to see Clara's contentness and sweet smile enjoying them afterwards!)

Elisabeth said...

Clara just gets more and more beautiful every time I see a picture of her! And I love how much she loves the fish!