Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Latest Project

I have TONS of scrap yarn just wasting space in my house. You know all those bits that you didn't need at the end of a project? Well I can't just throw them away because I know I could use them for something. The problem has been trying to find a way to use them. I finally found a project for them! I am making foam blocks out of them. I got the idea out of a knitting book. Since I am not as good at knitting as I am at crocheting, I decided to take the idea and make it my own. I went to Joann Fabric and bought an 8x24 inch piece of 4 inch high density foam. Using an electric knife, I cut the foam into 12 4-inch cubes. Then I crocheted 4 inch squares using my scrap yarn and sewed the squares together. I have only finished 4 of the blocks so far, but here are a couple of pictures for you. It has been really fun to try out different patterns and learn new stitches, while only being committed to a 4 inch square. I am finding that I like a lot more of the patterns in one of my books than I thought, just because the picture doesn't really let you see what the finished product actually looks like. With the Olympics on right now, I am set every night! I have this project to keep my hands busy and me not feeling so guilty for being glued to the TV!


Rach_Spencer said...

Looking good. I love them. I saw a pattern for this and 3 other small projects like this in Martha Stewart Baby a few years ago. I saved it thinking I would make them some day but never did.

Ali said...

Very cute. I love hand work projects that justify all the tv I watch:)

Heather said...

Fun. Over Christmas I really wanted to learn how to knit after talking to Rachael and seeing all the fun things she has made - and your mom (socks). I haven't learned yet, but Logan got me some needles. I just need to start. I love the blocks!