Monday, October 12, 2009

While we're laughing at Jordan...

So, since I've apparently made the day of a lot of readers with my Oops! post a few days ago, I thought I'd share a couple more funny things I've done.

One day when we were living in Ogden, Crystal told me there was a Tupperware with bean and bacon soup in the fridge for my lunch. She left before me that day, so I grabbed the first container with soup-like liquid in it and took it to work.

I warmed it up and started eating it and was thinking that the soup was really bland and there wasn't any bacon and certainly no beans. I scooped and scooped at the bottom to see if there were any beans and was disappointed to not find any.When I got home that afternoon, I told Crystal I ate the soup but that she must have scooped out all the beans when she split the can for me. She gave me this really weird look and said there was no way she took all the beans.

Then, she opened the fridge and found the soup. She quickly figured out what I had eaten instead (half a can of evaporated milk) and just laughed and laughed.

A couple months later I had a similar Tupperware mix-up, this time spreading caramel sauce all over my mashed potatoes instead of gravy. Luckily, it didn't taste too bad.

A year before that, by the way, I was making mashed potatoes at my parents' house and accidentally poured egg nog into the spuds instead of milk (in my defense, the egg nog had been mixed with some milk and was in a milk container). I realized what I had done before I mixed it in, though, so I dumped it out and put in milk.

Anyway, now I always make sure I know what I am pulling out of the fridge before I eat it or mix it with something else.


Ali said...

caramel sauce on mashed potatos? I am going to have to try that! Wow, and evaporated milk. I thought I was bad pouring half and half on my breakfast cereal in highschool and eating it without knowing- this is worse in my opinion?! (luckily I still fit in my prom dress after that:) How did you not think- this tastes horrible?

Seth and Peggy said...

you should keep these coming...very entertaining!