Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day (Sort of)

In Columbus, the big Independence Day celebration happened on July 3rd this year. I don't know if it is like that every year, or just this year. Red, White and Boom is a whole day event, with a parade, tons of vendors, other activities and of course, FIREWORKS! Jordan and I decided to spend a good part of the evening downtown for it. Unfortunately, our camera batteries were very low on power, so we couldn't document it with too many pictures, but we did have a great time!

We started off the day at the parade. This is us just before the parade started.

Mario Lopez was in the parade, which was really weird. He was too busy texting ro twittering to wave most of the time, but here is one shot where he is actually paying attention to what is going on.

After the parade, Jordan, Clara and I walked around downtown and tried out the food at some of the vendors. Clara was very into people watching. At about 9 o'clock, we headed back out of the crowd so we could watch the fireworks from a place that was less congested with people, and so we could easily walk home afterwards. We found some grass to lay out our blanket on and sat and waited for the fireworks to start. As always in the Sorensen tradition, I brought along some rice crispy treats to enjoy with the fireworks! Clara loved the rice crispy treats (of course!) and was a little scared of the fireworks at first, but warmed up to them very quickly!

She wouldn't even take her eyes off of them for a picture! The fireworks were amazing, and we all had a great time! We walked home afterwards ( we live about a mile from downtown). Clara fell asleep the last five minutes of the walk and slept VERY well that night!

One funny thing that happened while we walking around was we found a knife on the ground. It looked like a kitchen knife that someone may have lost with their picnic stuff, but we didn't want to leave it there, so we picked it up and took it to the first police officer we saw. They were bicycle cops, and int he middle of a huge crowd, so they told us to find a trash can because they couldn't do anything with it right then. So we took it with us and kept walking. As we got out of the crowd, we saw another set of police officers, so I took the knife back out and started walking towards the officers with it. One of the officers saw me, and got a startled look on his face and started getting the other officers attention and said to him "Hey, that girl walking towards us has a knife, man, she has a knife!" I explained to them what happened and they took it from me and said they would take care of it. I just thought it was funny how startled the officer was!


Becca said...

sounds like you had a good 4th or 3rd of july. That is funny about the knofe.

Ali said...

Look at Clara's eyes in that picture! She is adorable :)