Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clara's First Sucker

Clara had a doctor's appointment this week and had 3 shots. She didn't like it too much. When we got home, Jordan let her have some of a dum dum sucker. She LOVED it. She learned very quickly how to put the sucker in her own mouth. Apparently she doesn't care as much about Cheerios because she has had those a lot more but still can't really get them in her mouth! She needs to learn quickly how to eat them better because she is finally getting her first teeth. Her gums have been swollen since Christmas, but just today I noticed that one tooth on the bottom is finally erupting! Yeah! Here is the video of her enjoying her first sucker


Ally Mack said...

How cute is that?? Glad to see I'm not the only one giving my baby a lick..

Rachelle and Jordan said...

Crystal your little girl is so cute! I loved how she took the sucker out of his mouth and put it back in hers. So fun!