Friday, September 26, 2008

Tag I'm It

Ok Donna! Here it goes!

Rules: Take pictures of certain places/items in house as is and post them

1. The kitchen sink. I just made cupcakes, can you tell?

2. Toilet: not too bad!
3. Landry Room: Not the most organized, but it will do!
4. Fridge: Two things I notice, Jordan's lunch that he forgot today(grocery sack, top shelf) and those cupcakes I made. We are going to the Institute Opening Social here at Ohio State
5. Spouse/kids right now: Jordan is at school, so I can't get a pic of him, but Clara is just hanging out in her little bouncer chair being a happy camper.6. Favorite shoes: Drat! I forgot the picture! Oh well, they are standard brown flip flops that I wear anywhere I can get away with it!

7. Favorite room: It is so my kitchen! It is HUGE compared to our last house! I love cooking in here!
8. Dream Vacation: See my last post, or DISNEYLAND!!!!! I love Disneyland and I would go there every day if I could. I am so excited. Although, I really do love traveling, so maybe a year long (or more) trip around the entire world. I think that covers it!

9. Closet: Its kind of small, but it works!
10. Self Portrait: Good thing I actually got dressed today before I decided to check blogs!
Ok, so Tag, your it! Kimmy, Maren, Megan, and Rachel


Jay and Natalie said...

You look good and so does your house! And Clara is growing like a weed--she's so adorable! Have fun at Disneyland!

Ali said...

Clara is looking so snuggable these days now that she's grown a little- I can't wait to hold her! I am so jealous of you kitchen but so happy that you have it!! If anyone deserves a great kitchen, it's YOU for sure- my all knowing recipe/cooking guru!

John & Chelsea said...

Your place looks cute! I love these Tag-your-it posts, they're fun!